Huntleigh Diagnostics

Bringing peripheral arterial disease (PAD) consumer screening to pharmacies

A world-first in PAD screening

'ABIlity’, fully automatic testing with results in 3 minutes

BFG Healthcare Marketing approached Huntleigh Diagnostics – recognised as a world leader in the development and manufacture of hand-held Dopplers for vascular assessment – with a concept to bring peripheral arterial disease (PAD) screening to pharmacies.

BFG Healthcare Marketing’s research found that the conventional method of testing required the patient to rest for 15 minutes before a measurement could be taken – clearly impractical in a busy pharmacy. The pharmacist also needed to carry out a complicated Ankle Bracial Index (ABI) calculation to evaluate risk level.

Armed with BFG Healthcare Marketing’s findings, Huntleigh was able to create a fully automatic testing system called ‘ABIlity’, specifically designed for PAD screening and assessment in the pharmacy environment and clinician’s office.

ABIlity calculates ABIs easily and accurately in just three minutes without the need to rest the consumer. Results are automatically calculated, interpreted and printed out, enabling PAD screening to be offered in pharmacies for the first time. The flexibility and ease of use also allows the system to be used conveniently in others community settings.

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