Bringing leading French 'Micronutrition' product range to the UK

PiLeJe’s products are well known in their home market of France, with most pharmacists, doctors and nutritionists knowing and supporting them. However, in the UK the picture is very different: only a few nutritional specialists are aware of PiLeJe and its range of products. For this reason PiLeJe appointed BFG Healthcare to create a sales and marketing strategy for the UK.

As the founders of ‘micronutrition’, PiLeJe provides a complete range of dietary supplements that allow doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and dietitians to advise patients with tailor-made health solutions.

PiLeJe’s range of products is based around three areas: Probiotics and prebiotics, Actors and cell protection, Nutritional supplements

BFG Healthcare Marketing has worked closely with PiLeJe promoting the brand and its range of products that have quickly been adopted by doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and dietitians in the UK who see the great value micronutrition offers their patients.

Project Details



Projects commissioned

Market opportunity analysis
Sales and marketing strategy
Product positioning
Regulatory compliance

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